Education. Inspiration. Motivation.

This site has been designed for anyone struggling with event management and planning processes. If you need support with best practices, inspiration for designing the occasion or motivation to keep on going, the insights shared will certainly be for you.

I’ve learned so much over the last 10 years in coordinator and event management roles. From my first job in customer serviceĀ on a hotel reception desk, delivering fundraising activities around the office, producing film and media projects at university and sitting as a Program Manager for a computer software company – there has been no shortage of planning processes needed for success. During my time in a training role, I was inspired by the different practices and methods on sharing information for those who wanted to improve their skills and talents quickly, and there been a lot to learn throughout my management journey. Having been given the opportunities to grow both professionally and personally in a diverse world of managing events, I wanted to share some of my best practices and open a dialogue on event management and planning techniques for anyone open to sharing. With a strong community, together we can build and develop unique experiences for our friends, families, companies and clients.

There are so many elements to creating a fantastic experience, whether you have a small or elaborate budget, I hope these pages inspire you to create the best experience no matter what objectives you hope to achieve.

Reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions and stories about your journey through event planning by visiting the Contact page. I look forward to hearing how the advice on these pages and personal experiences have helped shape your organising and planning practices!

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