Take Care of Transportation

It may be strange to consider transportation last, and truthfully you should have planned for transport during many stages of your event planning process:

  • Valet’s to reduce traffic outside the location (remember to get permits for closing off roads if needed)
  • The perfect car to transport you from home to venue on your wedding day
  • How to get all your guests from their hotel to the venue and back again
  • Ample car parking spaces for guests travelling on the day

All of these will come with extra costs that will need to be accounted for in your task list and budget tracker. Of course, not all these elements will be relevant to your event and may not be possible if the budget is tight. Just remember it’s those little touches that really make an impression on your guests.

So why do we leave transportation so late in the series? Well, in my opinion you can’t effectively plan transport without first understanding the following:

  • Number of attendees confirmed to attend
  • Accommodation choice of attendees
  • Where your attendees are travelling from
  • Number of staff expected on site
  • Where the staff are travelling from
  • How you will be travelling to the event
  • Where you will be staying the night before and after the event (you can do this much earlier in the process though)

There are a number of elements you will need to consider and track from your guests and staff before you can build a transport plan. It may not need to be as complex as it sounds, but if you’re having a birthday party at home with limited parking spaces, arranging travel from a public space for your guests may be a better option than having them walk from the nearest available space – which may be a 20 minute walk in heels! It’s not an essential consideration, but absolutely should have some time taken in your task list and budget. Even if you’re not paying for the transport yourself, providing instructions are hugely appreciated by guests.

Organising taxis and coaches can be time consuming in the planning stages, but once you know numbers it will not take too much time to arrange. Organising transport can also be costly, and if you are not able to pay for individuals transport, you can provide them with names of those travelling to the same location to coordinate themselves. The arrangement of cost would then be the responsibility of your guests. Make sure you think of the guest experience in this case though – if you’re having an elite charity event where your guests have forked over hundreds or thousands of their hard earned cash, giving them a ride home may be a nice thank you gesture for their contribution to their cause. If you’re a newly started charity, however, you may not be able to afford this service and should accommodate as is best for you and your budget. Do not feel pressured to arrange transport, but provide all necessary details to help your guests home.

What are some of the transport options you have delivered at events? I’d love to read about some of the services and transport types you have experienced in the comments.


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