Organise Photographers and / or Videographers

Arranging a photographer and videographer for your event can be expensive but also the most rewarding elements. Capturing the day serves as great nostalgia, memory building and advertising your organising success. For different occasions you will want the photographers to capture different segments of the day, but overall it is always worth considering photography and video.

There are several ways you can capture the day, some are more high tech and involved than others. If you want a personal reflection, put the capturing in your guests hands. Providing disposable cameras or providing iPods (in this crazy modern world) on each table with an activity list will really boost the content you receive. It can be a real ice breaker, as it brings people together, putting arms around each other and posing with a smile. Who wouldn’t want to look back on those happy faces, at a cheaper cost than hiring a photographer!

A serious question you may need to consider is: do you need video AND photo? I would argue yes, especially for advertisement later. Photos are in much higher demand as traditionally this was the main way to capture everything about the day. Now there are options for video capturing, absolutely try and integrate this in your event. Seeing posed smiles is one thing, but no one can escape the enjoyment in moving image!

Some companies can accommodate both photo and video at your event. When speaking with your photographer, be sure to ask them whether they have a team that can support video capture at the same time. If they don’t have a team but have worked with trusted companies at previous event, word of mouth wins! If they aren’t able to recommend a team that is suitable for what you’re looking for, check out the local talent to save on general costs of travel and accommodation.

Do your research and find someone who is sensitive and really understands your needs. Don’t just jump at the first photography / videography team you come across. They are going to be capturing a day you and your guests will want to remember for the rest of their lives, and you must be sure they will capture it in the way you want. Fully briefing each photographer helps, but if you’ve chosen them for their creative eye, let them come up with some additional ideas. They will be looking to build up their portfolio and the more flexibility you give them will inspire better images. Hire the photographers you trust to paint the story of your event, and in turn they will give you their best work. That’s not to say don’t have any involvement, as they will need direction on who and when to capture for maximum impact – work as a team to create images you dream of.

What are some of the best images you’ve seen captured at events? Share your most creative images in the comments below!


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