Build Your Guest List and Send Invitations

Writing and designing invitations to match your theme can be a fun DIY activity. We see countless images of beautifully built and calligraphic details, but the most important part is what to include. Each event will be different, but your invitation will be the go to information point for guests to find where they need to be. Remember to include:

  • Start date / time
  • End date / time
  • Location / address
  • Reason for attending
  • Local accommodation details
  • Details of booking process if you have a rooming block allocated at a specific hotel
  • Travel information
  • Menu options
  • RSVP response section
  • Dietary requirements

If you do not have all details available early on in the planning stage, but have enough to send a save the date by mail, email or carrier pigeon, get this out as early as possible. Calendars get very busy, and it’s always best to get people buzzing about your event earlier rather than later… not so early they forget about it, but early enough that no one is too busy to attend.

Building your guest list is unique to each event, and making sure you have the relevant contacts invited is a big job. Where possible, reach out to family, friends and colleagues to make sure you have everyone accounted for. Have a process in place to invite anyone missed quickly and effectively.

Track your guests RSVP’s and dietary requirements

If there are fewer people joining than expected, consider this a bonus on cost or repeat the cycle of inviting guests at regular intervals

Keep on top of rooming blocks at local hotels if numbers look low. Cancel any unused rooms with advance warning to avoid over charging.


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