Book Your Entertainment, Speakers and Presenters

During your task list building you should now have a list of potential types of entertainment, speakers and presenters. Depending on your theme, you will need to make sure it all fits into place – make sure you haven’t organised a high tech lasers and lights futuristic techno band to play at your historically themed event… unless you’ve done a joint theme of Egypt in space… each to their own.

Picking something to entertain the crowds and demographic attending will ensure a great time is had by all. Choose songs and tribute acts that are recognisable by everyone there. I’ve been to a celebration where all they played was house music, and while the tunes were recognisable and I was able to dance, the constant beat was a little wearing for me. The hosts and their close friends were on the dance floor all night long, having the best time of their lives, but for people like me who can’t easily pick up on the differences in house music it wasn’t my cup of tea. I was happy to sit with the oldies and find a quiet space in the cold outdoors for the night, but found it difficult to integrate with many of the guests because half were distracted by their own personal rave and the rest of the majority were sitting in a dark noisy room not conversing. Creating an environment where everyone can be involved can be successfully achieved with careful consideration.

  1. Understand your demographic
  2. Build a playlist of songs that everyone recognises
  3. Open the opportunity for guests to request songs. The most painful part of the celebration for me was that the DJ only brought the music our hosts had asked for, and there was no chance of having something a wider group could enjoy
  4. Think about ice breakers. Hiring people who can walk around the room and get people talking, or providing activities for table groups to complete if they don’t know everyone their sat with. Giving your guests something to occupy their time or easily open dialogue with strangers where they don’t have to try and fake interest in their neighbours degree in astrophysics (unless they’re astrophysicists) will help keep the conversation flowing and include everyone in the room
  5. Speakers and presenters can range from anything between a training event or requesting someone to read some poetry at your wedding. Where possible, provide supporting resources on best practice to build a speech, or at least recommend they do some research themselves. You shouldn’t be so involved that you’re scripting the whole speech for them, but they will be grateful and more comfortable to acquiesce with some extra guidance. Without this help you don’t know what you will end up with on the day!
  6. Performers and actors
  7. Bands and singers

What are some entertainment choices you’ve made related to a party theme? What didn’t work so well? I look forward to hearing about some of your learnings in the comments.


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