Understand Your Event Objectives

Objectives are so important in controlling many elements in your planning. Whether you’re organising for yourself or a client, defining and understanding the purpose, what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve the predefined goals produces a fully realised and professional experience for everyone in attendance.

This is best articulated by Simon Sinek:¬†How to Inspire Great Leaders. If you’re not familiar with the Golden Circle, I strongly urge you to click the link and watch the 17-minute video. Not only will it explain why you need to stay on focus with your objectives, it also inspires skills that will support collaboration and passion when working with vendors to achieve a unified purpose and seamless outcome.

Starting with the why in event management can help in a number of ways:

  • Encourage attendance and registration
  • Start with your purpose to focus on what you need
  • Inspire loyalty and success from your team
  • Focusing on the end result will not inspire teams, encourage audiences or demonstrate purpose
  • Your final result should be proof of what you believe.

Understanding your objectives brings structure around an event. Your venue, decorations, music and food are what you have at an event, but the underlying purpose is what attracts your audience.

Defining objectives may need some fine tuning if you haven’t thought about it already. If you’re designing an event for a client, they will have a reason for delivering an event. You need to be on board and fully understand what their reason is. In some cases this will require you to be persistent on the why. If you are thinking yours or the clients event goal is to earning money, fame or notoriety, you will need to dig a little deeper in order to inspire action from the guests. Digging deeper will help you to get behind the event, explore your creativity and be fully measured on what you deliver. Understanding the deeper layers of event purpose will also give you better flexibility on measuring the outcome. Your guests will be less inclined to attend a charity event where they will be expected to pay more money on top of an expensive per plate meal, for example, than if you have a worthy cause that needs awareness. In the same breath, you will likely find people dig deeper into their own pockets to support a charity where the purpose is fully realised, and advertised in a tasteful way.

While defining objectives may appear as common sense to you, communicating this most effectively with your guests will need some work. Be sure to spend some time understanding WHY you want your guests to attend, or WHY your vendors and event staff are supporting. If you fully develop your purpose, it is much easier to rally everyone into the same mindset as you.

Defining, communicating and understanding objectives is your first stage in planning, and must not be overlooked before diving into the details, no matter what type of event you are delivering.

If you’re looking for cliff notes, or guidance on how the Golden Circle is relevant to event management, check out the following:

  • Understanding your why helps inspire action
  • Employing people who understand your purpose will encourage passion around the event you are planning
  • By focusing on the what alone you will only be in pursuit of the result and will not encourage the same level of passion around your event
  • People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
  • If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.
  • What you do simply serves as proof of what you believe
  • Those who start with why have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them

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