15 Steps to Successful Event Planning

Once you are familiar with the Top 10 Critical Essentials for World Class Experiences, you can start to dig deeper on how to achieve each step of the process. Explore more with the quick links available at each step:

Step 1: Understand your Event Objectives

Step 2: Build a Task List

Step 3: Estimate and Confirm your Budget

Step 4: Manage Risks and Develop Contingency Plans

Step 5: Determine the Event Planning Timeline

Step 6: Manage your Team

Step 7: Find and Book a Venue

Step 8: Book your Entertainment, Speakers and Presenters

Step 9: Arrange Permits, Equipment and Facilities

Step 10: Build your Guest List and Send Invitations

Step 11: Coordinate Catering

Step 12: Organise Photographers and / or Videographers

Step 13: Design Decorations and Furnishing

Step 14: Choreograph your Team, Guests and Activities

Step 15: Take Care of Transportation

Remember to keep track of your progress throughout each planning stage. There are a number of free tools available to keep you to plan!